Monday, June 5, 2017

Article 13

This Article is called Journey Into the Unknown. It's about how someone used to just go on trips for the fun of it. They liked doing that because there was a lot of excitement on not knowing what comes next. Then it went on to talk about how times have changed and people will spend a lot of time on Yelp and Travel Adviser. Yelp and Travel Adviser are travel websites to tell you a little about where you want to go.
The purpose is to inform people about how times have changed in planning a trip. The text structure is comparison and contrast. Three text features are bold words, pictures, and captions.

More females say that women are treated like property rather than people than males. I think that is because they don't necessarily get paid as much as men in the workforce. Another reason is that rap music demoralizes women like no other. It refers to them as the B word and all it talks about is the rapper blowing his money in front of her, taking her home to bang her, then when morning comes around just throwing her on the street to go get a new girl. Let alone the times they talk about beating on them. It's very common that rappers are arrested for domestic violence. Now if you take that as a racist comment, you clearly don't know how to read because I never mentioned anything about race. I've heard some rap and it demoralizes women. If you don't believe me on the statements I just made, just listen to some country music then listen to rap. A person that knows the values in life will say country music is a good influence on how to live life. There is some rap that the words have a positive meaning behind them (Christain Rap) but the kind society listens to, not so much. Me personally I'm not big into rap in general. Eminem, however, is an exception to the rap I like. I like Eminem's music. Eminem is a good example of demoralizing women. I like Eminem, I don't necessarily do the things he says in his music. I like him because I like to listen to him on the bus before games. I've seen kids in the hall who listen to rap, call girls the things the rappers talk about. I believe that is mainly because they listen to it and they think that's how you live life. They think it's ok to call them offensive names and unfortunately, some think it's ok to hit them as well. I wasn't raised that way, but rap can teach kids bad things if they don't have the right guidance from an elder.          

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