Monday, May 1, 2017

Spoon Full of Dust

Pneumonia is a medical condition you get when you inhale to much dust. If you got it life got real difficult. People with it didn't eat food, they coughed, and it was hard for them to breath. Because the medical field wasn't as advanced, it really didn't get treated so many died.
People would rub vaseline on their nose's and make chest plasters. The home remedies helped, but so many people had to do it because a hospital was so hard to get into. They had to build hospitals but it was hard getting people who needed treatment there, because there were so many and traveling was really dangerous in that weather. What caused all the problems was over farming and just the dry weather with no rain. I'm would have been a drought either way but the overfarming caused the extra problems.
If I had to pack up, I would take my clothes and a few valuables. The hardest part of leaving is leaving the place I grew up and worked my life at. Changing houses won't be so bad but the land is where my income is. Going to a new place with no land for income is going to be hard because we don't know if we'll get our land back out West. Most of all it's going to hurt financially.

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  1. Nice blog it was well written. But could you expand a little on the few valuables you would take?