Monday, May 22, 2017

Social Media

I gave Bubby O'Brian a lolly pop moment by buying him a snack. He offered to pay me back but I said no. He was really happy and started crying. He not only cried but be got on the floor and started weeping. He was screaming for joy and told me it was like Christmas for him. I told him to calm down but he was just too happy.
Social Media can give you a better quality of life by connecting with people. Not only family and lost friends but people around the world. People who don't follow you could be friends with someone that does, then they see you through the friend list, then they could follow you and it eventually becomes a chain reaction of people becoming friends. You can advertise for your business if the social communication isn't your thing.
Shawn's passions are skateboarding and his one-year-old daughter. He started with the jewelry business by talking with moms but he wasn't happy because it wasn't his passion. My passions are off road riding, fishing, hunting, fixing motors. I just like being outdoors doing fun stuff.
The two parts of social media are advertising and being social with others through videos and posts. Videos are starting to become the most popular because you can edit it to make it more interesting.
The story of the frog is helpful because it tells you to not listen to too negative people. This is important because if they are wasting their time putting you down, they probably don't have much of a life themselves. I think it's important to point out that the frog was deaf, not blind. Why that was important is because if you see negativity you can do something to change it. If you pretend you're blind too it then that does no good. You can make someone happier that's facing negativity without letting it affect you by words, rather than facing it because you know it's there.      


  1. Nice blog it was nicely written I was just wondering how did your lollipop moment significant to the person?

  2. I agree with what you said, but I feel like that lollipop moment didn't seem like something Riley would do.

  3. I liked your blog and your opinion on what the frog story teaches you was very interesting, I didn't think of it that way.