Tuesday, May 16, 2017


My lollipop moment was in 7th grade. My coach told me I was going to be the captain and he believed in me. I never really had anybody tell me that before. Back then I was the kid to kind of shy off from everything. I knew I was decent at baseball and football, but I would never call myself a leader. I still really don't consider myself a leader. At that time in my life, I cared what others thought way too much. After that, I quit caring what others thought and just focussed on doing the right thing. I'm the type of person to help someone out like in the classroom or just in life. I never did it trying to be a leader, I did it because I was raised to help others in need. I never did anything to be recognized, but when my coach told me that it made me feel appreciated. I've never really told him but he knew how much it meant to me.
They mean people are too scared on what others think. They are too scared to fail. That's not the way to live life because you could miss out on some opportunities. Our baseball coach tells us just about everyday,"If you make a mistake be confident and overagressive, I will only get mad if you make an under aggressive mistake." That's true because if you are less confident, you can't pick yourself up to do better next time.
One thing I can do is buy Bubby a snack. Bubby is Riley O'Brien and I call him that because his sister calls him it and he hates it. I mess with him a lot so it'll be nice if I just bought him a snack.


  1. I happen to like this blog by the way you formatted it but I feel that you have what it takes to be leader you just have to make it happen.

  2. I feel that you could become a leader but like all I ever hear you say is stupid stuff maybe you know try and improve your the way you speak, it is very iconic to you but it isn't the best overall.