Monday, May 8, 2017


A classic is well known. Believe it or not, people actually read books and like things that sell, some sell better than others. A classic book is when it has sold many copies and people have written a bunch of good reviews. Classic books are put in arguments for possibly the best book ever. Classics are when people want to reread them. In today's day and age turn it into a movie.
The cannon is an ecclesiastical code of law or judgment. The Bible is part of the cannon. The Bible tells you how to live your life through Jesus Christ. It goes through the stories of when he was crucified on the cross for our sins. It teaches you to pray and have a relationship with the Lord. If you do the things it tells you to do (especially pray for forgiveness and love for the Lord ) you will go to heaven. I never read books, but this is the one book up I'll pick up and read. I encourage you to pick it up yourself and read it because it will change your life and bring love and happiness into it. There are other books like that for other religions, but they have no value.
Books have been banned because of the use of the Lords name in vain, and it makes fun of challenged people. I don't think it should be banned because you can use it as a teaching tool. When it says the Lords name in vain, the kids can be taught why not to use his name in vain. It can help show just how wrong minded people are when it comes up in the book so the kids can see how bad they would look if they used that kind of language. I think it should be allowed because it teaches about history while teaching more. As long as the teachers have open discussions about some of the language to help the kids get a better understanding of why not to talk and think like that.    

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  1. i like this how you made it very personal. and how you upend up about religion.