Monday, April 24, 2017


This PSA, which was about texting and driving was really useful. It was mainly directed at teens because they fail to care and understand the real effect behind it all. They have their head in the clouds because they have a vehicle and don't have to pay for anything so the well being of others is way out of the picture. They get in a crash and the way they think changes. Unfortunately for some, they didn't get the wake up call before it was too late. From 1975 to now the percentage has gone down. The problem is even on a good year, the lowest percentage is 65%.
That's more than half which is sad. I wish it could be 0% but a more reasonable number for me would be 30-45%. When you look at the graph, it's clear the PSA's have played a huge factor. The most effective thing for me is in the one in class is when it showed all the people dying. For as long as I can remember, I was always less mad if I just caused harm to myself but if I caused harm to others I took it a lot harder and made me feel worse knowing that I was the one that caused it. No matter the person, there's someone out there who loves them so if you make a bad decision and get them killed not only do you go the rest of your life knowing you were the one that caused it, but you have to give someone else the hurt of not having their loved one in the world.

The tobacco commercial (PSA) when the girl is reading that parchment is used to make kids stop using tobacco. That 's effective because it shows how your so addicted to tobacco that you can't make your decisions without having to stop and take a smoke break. For me I don't need this to make me not smoke, I've smelled the smoke and I just can't stand the smell. The nice thing about the tobacco commercials is they just didn't stop there, they made multiple ones to be sure to get the point across. I think they are working because less and less teens smoke.    


  1. Nice blog it's pretty cool that you aren't scared to share your honest opinion and even though I disagree a bit some of the things you said still great blog!

  2. I like your blog, some of the things im kinda like i dont know so much about. but you have some great things in your blog