Monday, April 17, 2017

Get that diploma

Health is how well your body is functioning. So what would achieving a piece of paper that you've worked  12 years for have to do to affect it? Statistics have proven people who don't get a diploma are more likely to turn to drugs, drinking, and other crimes that lead to jail. My first thought when I read that was, "Ok they went to jail, so why does it matter?" As I read on, I came to the realization that it was kind of common sense. My conclusion was when your in jail it's clearly not healthy food or all that sanitary. Obviously prisoners (some who are more likely without a diploma) would fall under bad health.

People harmful to society are just a waste of space in my opinion. They went through I high school without a care in the world and thought life was a joke. I have a few cousins like that, I hate to call someone in my family a waste of space but it's just reality. Why is it a problem? It's a problem because people who worked hard to get somewhere in life has to pay taxes to help some of these people stay alive. The people who didn't graduate high school and are unemployed because they have no skills and was lazy back then and still are blame the government. Is it hard to make a living? Yeah it is but you didn't have to make it 20 times harder on yourself. It's not the government's fault that you flunked high school and then had 5 kids who you can't support and then you turned to drugs. Now unfortunately the kids who have done nothing to deserve a hard life is suffering. It would be as much of a problem if it was just one person, but unfortunately it's a never ending negative chain reaction.

This is a bad thing for states because it makes them look bad. As it gets worse it just means more and more people will go unemployed. How can it be solved? It's one of those things states are trying to keep experimenting with and pour money into the education department. The solution is not on the state, it's parents disciplining their kids and the kids need to acquire a good work ethic. Until that happens, it'll just keep getting worse.      

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