Monday, March 6, 2017

Secondary School

I think it should be allowed. Because even though it's only on S.M., it's kind of their character because they will have to the things they talk about to gain a "real" reputation. Besides if they can put it out for everybody to see then who knows what they have hidden off of social media. If it's locked or whatever then usually they are bad news.

I do agree. I just really don't care about what people think of me though. I'm more focused on me than others. If I cared what people thought of me, then I wouldn't say the things that I say. The people who want to have a character don't know themselves. What I mean by that is they never know what they want, before they buy or do something they'll look left and right not because they want to see if someone is looking, but to find out what to do. For me, I have character traits, but I don't have social media because the people on there don't care about that. They care about characters which quite frankly I don't want to be like the person to my left or right. If you want to be a character, then you are spending more time looking at others, then looking at yourself in the mirror to change for the better.

I would say high school doesn't. It doesn't effect me though. It may affect others, just because they will never learn you can't have your phone on the job. I have worked on a farm, and if you're on your phone then you could get hurt. One thing I've learned is if you get into whatever your doing you forget you have a phone. For me I think society has it wrong. They think it's all on the school to raise a child. Like it's not up to the school to change a kid. When I come to school I'm not looking to take life lessons or anything like that. I'm here to graduate and play sports. If you're asking me what should raise and guide a kid, the answer is simple. My answer is Parent(s), family members, and church. That's where you learn about life and gaining character traits.      

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