Monday, March 13, 2017


  One reason I believe the the enrollment is up is because of how hard society makes it to get back on track after a bad decision made. At this school, they discipline you to make you a better person and the results speak for itself. The article says it teaches them the attributes to succeed in life, while working off disciplinary demerits.
    The article is about kids who get a second chance at a college. They messed up in high school but this programs going to change them. It's not easy because it's strict, demanding, and takes a lot of self-determination (grit) but it changes their life for the better.
  I think student responsibility is important because it is the key to a good life. Most people make some of their worst decisions in life when they're in high school and young. Because of this society views them different so they don't get the help they need. If people learn it from an early age, then there would be less major slip ups. Here in South Haven maybe they can reward kids for doing their work. Like everytime you turn in an assignment and get a certain percentage then get a ticket to the snack bar. I mean self-responsibility is more on the parents. I'll always believe that. The school shouldn't have to teach a kid all the life lessons. Society has that belief but in reality, school is meant for an education. If a kid doesn't know how important responsibility is, or a good work ethic is then the parent(s) failed as a parent. Some might say some kids don't have the parental guidance at home, but that's for the school to work with the kid individually not to make all suffer. What I mean by all suffer is making the whole grade learn all this, because I don't want to learn and hear about responsibility and a work ethic when I've heard that my whole life.          

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  1. Trent, you are so amazingly smart it's unbelievable! The way you worded the words and punctuated the words just was beyond phenomenal. I think Harvard is going to be begging for you to come and pursue an education there.