Monday, February 27, 2017

Wow $10 dollars down to $8.90! Quite the life!

Well I have been downgraded, thank you Ms. Van Dop! Now I'm moving to this thing called an apartment. This is going to be weird because I never have lived in an apartment or any other place then the house I have now. My apartment is in Paw Paw and is called Woodfield Apartments.
It's $700 dollars a month and with a roommate, it's $350 a month.
For my cell phone, I have Straight Talk $45 bucks a month unlimited everything. For a 2005 Silverado, it gets 16 mpg and is a 5.3 L. It's about 10 miles a day counting to and from work so probably $11.66 a week and $46.64 a month. Insurance is about $5,000 and pay half of it every 6 months. The electricity is about 30 bucks divided by 2 is 15 bucks. Oil change is about $82 bucks to do it on your own. I'll say it's $252 a month for food, but in reality probably $275 because of drinks, snacks, and the fact that me and Tyler are fat. Probably I'll spend $150 on entertainment. I'll probably spend about $200 on little things.
It could be stressful because when all you think about is making that payment. Payments and money are how you have stuff. And if you can't make payments you will not have stuff. So the fact that you may lose all of your stuff should worry you.

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  1. nice work trent good research and i like how you bashed on vandop.