Monday, February 13, 2017

Big Markets

The Ted Talk ties into the previous unit by talking about the hype and ways Nike gets you to buy their products. We learned about the different persuasive techniques and the one Nike uses just about all of them. It says the reason Nike is number one is because they know how to advertise.
He is talking about the people who grew up watching the second best player ever Michal Jordan and the young kids today. The best player ever is Larry Bird if you were wondering. How it gets to the kids is since the adults are already crazy about the shoes, they sort of pass on the tradition to the kids and the kids pass it on to their friends.
If I were to choose a stock market item to sell, it would be dirt bikes, quads, and off-road vehicles like side by sides. I would choose that because the parts are cheaper to buy and fix up and sell. Especially young adults and teens that don't have much money I can sell it for cheap and still make a profit. It will start slow but as I keep selling the money will be nice in no time.  


  1. This is going to come in no surprise but really nice blog, I love how you get into detail and explain yourself but also not being too wordy.

  2. The way you answered the questions was beautiful. You explained everything very thoroughly, you used good grammar and punctuation, I think it was all in all very interesting to read.