Monday, February 6, 2017


The article I chose is a science report. It talks about the study of CTE and tells you how it affects the brain. It talks about it from a football standpoint to per sway people to the realization that football is dangerous.

With that, the type of non-fiction is cause and effect. I believe that because it says football players get it from all the hard hits and goes on to talk about the problems they face later on in life.

I would choose virtual reality because, well it's kind of the only one I would like. The driverless cars are just scary to think about. Not just that but I would be embarrassed to be seen in the sophisticated- scrawny- can't do nothing worthwhile in life- city boy mobile. The other one just has my head spinning when I try to think about. Virtual reality can give you a more real vision of how a project is going to look when done. It also gives you a somewhat real experience when checking a place you might want to visit out.    


  1. Nice article seems like it is worded well!

  2. I like the decent length and explanations to what you're discussing. It provides good background, and was a nice blog to read. Very well done Trenty :)

  3. I think you did a good job on composing this blog and the way you showed how you felt is a good way to say it.