Monday, January 9, 2017

Ted Talk Thing

Fredrick changed the feeling towards potatoes by fooling everybody. He made it a royal vegetable and acted like he just had to guard it with his life even though he told the guards not to guard it all that well. People now all of a sudden people wanted the potatoes just because they were under the impression that they are high class to have potatoes. If someone tried to per sway me like that I probably wouldn't fall for it, but if I were alive back in that time I may fall for it because I would be under the impression that if I'm not like the royal people, I ain't worth nothing. On the veil thing, he basically made prostitutes wear them because a lot of women wouldn't want to be a prostitute or be mistaken as one so they would just stop wearing one.
The train ride is under perceived value because they want to make it faster and tell people that. What really happens is they make the people pay more money and upgrade luxury items on it and tell people it's faster. Some people may time it, but for the most part, no one really pays attention.
 The way people feel is more important than reality. If you can get people to believe a certain way then they will embrace it in their actual lives. It's more effective if they embrace it in their lives because not too many successful adults embrace reality. For example, in reality, all the protests and make a change stuff is embraced. The way I feel about it is way different. I don't stand for none of the stuff whatsoever. Now I don't discriminate, and I believe they deserve human rights, but I will never change the way I feel that it's not right. Someone would have to get people like me to feel like it is a good thing to actually make a change. Like I said before I will never change my mind and if I have kids, I will raise them under the same mentality.            

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