Monday, November 28, 2016


All young people think the only way to be successful is to have yachts and fancy cars. Mainly because of ignorant rappers perswaded them in the music. It's a two-way persuasive thing, the rappers get it from the companies, then tell the common people how great it is to have luxuries. Which would be badge value because the rappers think they are so much better than us because they have these things.  In this ad, it says yachts are necessary to have. It says luxury right in the headline which draws people attention. It also says custom yachts, which if you let someone customise it they will buy it because it could be exactly how they want it.         Typically I get perswaded by an unfinished claim. I think it is because it says what I am looking for and says what is good about it. Although it doesn't compare, I will ask some people I know how they like it compared to other brands.
The reason companies will choose messaging over branding is because with messaging they can reach everybody. Not everybody knows the different brands. Mostly everybody can interpret a message. If I see a brand, I think,"Yeah cool a new company." If I see a message I might consider it more deeply, and try to think about what they really mean.  

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