Monday, October 3, 2016


This was hard to comprehend. The author was so scattered in his writing. What do I think he meant when he said, "Teens make two trips to restaurants  for every one trip to the gas station."? I kind of thought of the advertising with all the restaurants that teens would buy into going there to eat.
When the author said teens love the phones that their moms, dads, aunts and uncles have is when he hinted at the fact that teens are not trying to rebel against their parents. For me, I don't really think of teens vs. society. I was taught respect everybody, until they break it. Work hard and help friends and family just because you want to not because you have to. Everyone in my family tells me you know what's right and what's wrong, you have examples how to be a decent person, and you have examples on how to be a crack thug and end up on food stamps and in jail. They all try to keep me on the right path and it's because they love me so why would I rebel against that?
Why is the author afraid of the lack of rebellion left in teens? Mainly because he sees the lack of variety in teens. He lists specific things and they all revolve around the internet. I don't think the author should be worried. Teens have opinions and they I guess just post it. That's not me but it is what it is. I have learned don't keep up with society, keep up with my friends, family, faith, and myself after everybody I care about.  

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  1. I definitely agree with your blog because it says that respect Is more important then material items which I totally agree with because those material items wont last a life time but respect will