Monday, October 17, 2016


How was it a political story? One of Romeo's biggest challenges was the prince getting the way. The prince threatened to execute him if he married Juliet. It's still kind of like that today. Not the executing part, but the whole point of the government. Today you have to go through the government to get legally married. Before the government could deny it just because they can. There have been laws passed to prevent that, but it still happens.
Romeo and Juliet now is just an overused phrase for people in love. It was also a tragedy. They ended up killing themselves. It was because people wouldn't leave them alone so they felt suicide was the only option. One thing I learned from that is, just because I don't agree with something I shouldn't try to change someone's mind. It would devastate me to know I was the cause for someone's suicide or suicide attempt.

Going to the theater today is a lot more different than going to the theater back then. Poor people would go to the play. Today the rich are the only people that go to the play. People would throw stuff if it was bad. Today people get on some website and write a bad review.  

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  1. trint this is really good i like how you just straight up told them whats up i like that.