Monday, October 24, 2016

Romeo Juliet love

Romeo and Juliet had a romantic love. When the article said they killed themselves so they could be together. They weren't thinking about what was good for them they were just mad and upset about their two families wouldn't let them be together.
True, because you will think of others. When it's just romantic you think, "What can I do or say to make them want to be with me more." With true love, you will try to do things that will make them happy rather than doing things that would lead to your own pleasure.
Romeo, because he loved someone hours ago. He wasn't obsessed with Juliet like she was with him. He said he was, but if he could alternate between women quickly he was not obsessed. When he killed himself, maybe he did it because he didn't like all the controversy. Some people just can't take it and he might have been one of those people. Juliet got obsessed from the get-go. Then when something bad happened she killed herself instantly. She probably didn't think, and was just to caught up in everything else.  

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