Monday, October 10, 2016

Night Night time

I should go to bed at like eleven, but I don't. I go to bed at anywhere's between 12 and 2. I tell myself that I will go to bed at a decent time, then before I know it it's 1 in the morning. While I tell myself this I am staring at the T.V. listening to Sports Center for the third time that day. When I go to bed at eleven I feel great in the morning.
They said students who start school early get 5 hours of sleep rather than the nine they need. It will affect the student's behavior in class. They will sometimes fall asleep during class. That and their grades are affected because they would miss the lesson. It is also to be said that they may act out in class due to grumpiness.

Sleep can make me feel a whole lot better. When I don't feel good the best thing to do is sleep. Sleep is a really good form of medicine. It should also be taken seriously. It's kind of like an ADHD kid, if the kid doesn't get its medicine then it bounces off the walls and leads to all kinds of trouble. The article said kids who get little sleep could become obese. They explained the scientific reasoning behind it and it made sense. It said something about some chemical reaction.         


  1. I think you should go to bed early so you can be awake without falling asleep in class...