Monday, September 26, 2016


  Before I say anything let me just say I believe all of this protesting is unnecessary. With that, I don't believe protesting should get out of hand and violent. I believe that because, how are you going to fix something if you're going to tear things down. There are people destroying their towns because someone didn't apply with the officer and got shot. Besides it's a town with businesses and jobs. People have to go to work and a bunch of lunatics running around on the street destroying stuff doesn't make anyone's lives better. Everyone is at risk when doing this. So the cops have to come in and break it up. Not because it's a bunch of black people yelling because everybody is at risk. If the cops have to do things to the crowd to break it up and have to shoot someone because they won't calm down it's the protester's fault, not the cops. I do believe it was necessary to call in the National Guard because like I said before everyone is at risk.
   What Dr. Martin Luther King did was respectable. He had a reasonable reason to protest. Nobody should be treated the way blacks were treated back then. Are the protests today as effective as Dr. Kings? I would believe mankind is stronger than gravity before I believe that. The protests today is mainly ignorance. I mean just follow the laws and apply with an officer. If all victims would have done that then there would be no conversation. King was protesting rights for all not just whether or not a cop should have shot the dude or not. Black people were not allowed to drink at the same drinking fountain as whites. Today black people can just about go and do whatever they want. Most of these protesters probably would have done the same thing if in the cops shoes. 
             The evidence that some of the protesters are like thugs is when they destroyed two police vehicles. How can the two groups come together? They don't need to because it won't solve anything. Everybody needs to take a look at themselves and change in their actions. Keep in mind that cops will never just go around shooting black people for no reason. Today's society makes it sound like that. It's not cops shooting black people like wild game. There will always be a reason if it comes to that (hopefully it won't).   

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