Monday, September 19, 2016


Everybody's different. We all have opinions. One thing as humans we all do is we make assumptions. We try and sum it all up. I still try to do that and I never will be able to understand people. That's all the authors tried to do on the ages 14,15, and 16. They are not smart or special. People look at that and think that's amazing or mind blowing. As soon as they read that they say, "Yeah all teenagers think like that." Because someone who people think is some sort of genius said something and they turn it into a stereo type. That's 95% of America's racial problem. Some of the things the authors said, I do kind of agree with them that I think like that. I do think about me a lot. The way I view it is things happen so tough you know what. Bad things happen to everybody. My mom tells me to try and better myself but take time out of my day to help friends and family. The only people that get through to my head are my family and football coaches. I say that because they are everyday people who I know want the best for me. I don't respect a dude in a suit that has all these degrees and think he knows how everybody should live their life. When you think about it all a degree is, is a piece of paper in a frame saying you completed a certain number of classes. Teachers are just people giving me work. Right now I am trying to balance enjoying sports and my future. I wish I could tell people the future or myself but I can't. I just have to take it day by day.

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