Monday, February 20, 2017


A career that interests me is mechanics. I want to do that because my cousin is head mechanic at Signature Toyota and like 13th best mechanic in the world for Toyota. Although I prefer Chevy, it would still be a good job. I like it because I am good at breaking things and if you can fix them, it will save you a lot of money. I have always had a passion for motors and doing manual labor things since I was little. An attribute I have is I'm a little familiar with how to do some things with motors. I'm no expert by far, but I can do some little fixes since I work on a farm and had equipment breakdown and had to help fix it. That's why I want to get training and a job with it so I can become more knowledgeable about the field. One thing I've learned about me is if I'm willing to learn I can do well.
My goal to get there is to do the two years at the Vo-Tech through the school and after I graduate, find an on the site training program. In between now and when I graduate I can go over to my cousin's garage at his house who has a lift and everything to learn more things from him while learning some things from him. If I do well enough I can just get a job at Signature Toyota out of high school doing simple things like brakes and oil changes and take training from them when offered. I could just prove myself with hard work, showing up on time, and taking overtime when offered. If it doesn't work out that way I could just go to which is the Universal Technical Institute.
I could probably make anywhere's between $19-32 an hour depending on the position I am in the shop. It depends how many hours I work.      

Monday, February 13, 2017

Big Markets

The Ted Talk ties into the previous unit by talking about the hype and ways Nike gets you to buy their products. We learned about the different persuasive techniques and the one Nike uses just about all of them. It says the reason Nike is number one is because they know how to advertise.
He is talking about the people who grew up watching the second best player ever Michal Jordan and the young kids today. The best player ever is Larry Bird if you were wondering. How it gets to the kids is since the adults are already crazy about the shoes, they sort of pass on the tradition to the kids and the kids pass it on to their friends.
If I were to choose a stock market item to sell, it would be dirt bikes, quads, and off-road vehicles like side by sides. I would choose that because the parts are cheaper to buy and fix up and sell. Especially young adults and teens that don't have much money I can sell it for cheap and still make a profit. It will start slow but as I keep selling the money will be nice in no time.  

Monday, February 6, 2017


The article I chose is a science report. It talks about the study of CTE and tells you how it affects the brain. It talks about it from a football standpoint to per sway people to the realization that football is dangerous.

With that, the type of non-fiction is cause and effect. I believe that because it says football players get it from all the hard hits and goes on to talk about the problems they face later on in life.

I would choose virtual reality because, well it's kind of the only one I would like. The driverless cars are just scary to think about. Not just that but I would be embarrassed to be seen in the sophisticated- scrawny- can't do nothing worthwhile in life- city boy mobile. The other one just has my head spinning when I try to think about. Virtual reality can give you a more real vision of how a project is going to look when done. It also gives you a somewhat real experience when checking a place you might want to visit out.    

Tuesday, January 31, 2017


NonFiction is writing that is true. It's not the kind of writing of just making a statement that actually happened. A good nonfiction writer will usually take a significant event in history or a revolutionary discovery in science and write about it. It will list statistics and will explain why it's amazing. It's meant to educate you about the subject for a paper in school or just to get smarter.
I think when you read a textbook it's just reading and answering a one answer question. In English class you should be able to express your mind. If you write while still listing facts you are improving reading skills and writing skills. Instead of a teacher just grading papers with one answer, the teacher can read writing and learn about the student or have the students read each others writing to help communicate through the world of literature. Everyone benefits from not working out of textbooks.  I chose this article about CTE because it is something pretty concerning. It is a disease that former football players have been diagnosed with. I play football and wanted to know more about the disease because I would want to see my chances of getting it. It causes people to live shorter, and statistics have shown that NFL players are the most likely to get it.    

Monday, January 23, 2017


36.5% of Americans are obese. Obesity leads to complicated health problems like heart disease, strokes, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers. Although eating healthy helps with obesity, exercise is the best thing. When you exercise on a daily schedule it helps prevent health problems like that. Although excuses are weak but in a way, it is societies fault. Studies have shown that Americans are less active in their daily lives than they were decades ago. The sports have pretty much stayed the same but adults have not. All you have to do though is run or go to the gym for about an hour a day. It could change your health a lot.       

Monday, January 9, 2017

Ted Talk Thing

Fredrick changed the feeling towards potatoes by fooling everybody. He made it a royal vegetable and acted like he just had to guard it with his life even though he told the guards not to guard it all that well. People now all of a sudden people wanted the potatoes just because they were under the impression that they are high class to have potatoes. If someone tried to per sway me like that I probably wouldn't fall for it, but if I were alive back in that time I may fall for it because I would be under the impression that if I'm not like the royal people, I ain't worth nothing. On the veil thing, he basically made prostitutes wear them because a lot of women wouldn't want to be a prostitute or be mistaken as one so they would just stop wearing one.
The train ride is under perceived value because they want to make it faster and tell people that. What really happens is they make the people pay more money and upgrade luxury items on it and tell people it's faster. Some people may time it, but for the most part, no one really pays attention.
 The way people feel is more important than reality. If you can get people to believe a certain way then they will embrace it in their actual lives. It's more effective if they embrace it in their lives because not too many successful adults embrace reality. For example, in reality, all the protests and make a change stuff is embraced. The way I feel about it is way different. I don't stand for none of the stuff whatsoever. Now I don't discriminate, and I believe they deserve human rights, but I will never change the way I feel that it's not right. Someone would have to get people like me to feel like it is a good thing to actually make a change. Like I said before I will never change my mind and if I have kids, I will raise them under the same mentality.            

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Evidence Continued

I believe polls are a real good piece of evidence. A lot of companies say they are better than each other, but a poll will show how average joes really feel. If a celebrity says how something is better, it is scripted but a poll is true feelings.
What has been hard for me to really wrap my head around is the facts. I know that surveys and polls say the results, but what if they are incorrect? The people who put them out may just say that to fool you. I tend to not believe the facts if I have never had personal experience with the evidence. In this ad it's badge value. I say that because it is saying by a Microsoft Surface because it's what the pros use to peak their performance. It's also celebrity appeal because of the pro football players in the ad.