Monday, January 9, 2017

Ted Talk Thing

Fredrick changed the feeling towards potatoes by fooling everybody. He made it a royal vegetable and acted like he just had to guard it with his life even though he told the guards not to guard it all that well. People now all of a sudden people wanted the potatoes just because they were under the impression that they are high class to have potatoes. If someone tried to per sway me like that I probably wouldn't fall for it, but if I were alive back in that time I may fall for it because I would be under the impression that if I'm not like the royal people, I ain't worth nothing. On the veil thing, he basically made prostitutes wear them because a lot of women wouldn't want to be a prostitute or be mistaken as one so they would just stop wearing one.
The train ride is under perceived value because they want to make it faster and tell people that. What really happens is they make the people pay more money and upgrade luxury items on it and tell people it's faster. Some people may time it, but for the most part, no one really pays attention.
 The way people feel is more important than reality. If you can get people to believe a certain way then they will embrace it in their actual lives. It's more effective if they embrace it in their lives because not too many successful adults embrace reality. For example, in reality, all the protests and make a change stuff is embraced. The way I feel about it is way different. I don't stand for none of the stuff whatsoever. Now I don't discriminate, and I believe they deserve human rights, but I will never change the way I feel that it's not right. Someone would have to get people like me to feel like it is a good thing to actually make a change. Like I said before I will never change my mind and if I have kids, I will raise them under the same mentality.            

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Evidence Continued

I believe polls are a real good piece of evidence. A lot of companies say they are better than each other, but a poll will show how average joes really feel. If a celebrity says how something is better, it is scripted but a poll is true feelings.
What has been hard for me to really wrap my head around is the facts. I know that surveys and polls say the results, but what if they are incorrect? The people who put them out may just say that to fool you. I tend to not believe the facts if I have never had personal experience with the evidence. In this ad it's badge value. I say that because it is saying by a Microsoft Surface because it's what the pros use to peak their performance. It's also celebrity appeal because of the pro football players in the ad.

Monday, December 5, 2016


Being factual is everything. When you are talking to someone, if you sound stupid people will think you're really an idiot. So if you want to per sway someone to do something or try something, they won't listen to you because well don't take advice from an idot.
 You have choices in life. One choice is how you spend your money. Most people work hard for their money. So when people go to buy something they usually want to make the better quality decision. They have to be shown why you're whatever it is your showing them  is better than the other option. 
 I am trying to per sway teenagers. It doesn't take much effort because they are really gullible.
A lot of ads are directed at teenagers because they have some money to spend now, and for years to come.    

Monday, November 28, 2016


All young people think the only way to be successful is to have yachts and fancy cars. Mainly because of ignorant rappers perswaded them in the music. It's a two-way persuasive thing, the rappers get it from the companies, then tell the common people how great it is to have luxuries. Which would be badge value because the rappers think they are so much better than us because they have these things.  In this ad, it says yachts are necessary to have. It says luxury right in the headline which draws people attention. It also says custom yachts, which if you let someone customise it they will buy it because it could be exactly how they want it.         Typically I get perswaded by an unfinished claim. I think it is because it says what I am looking for and says what is good about it. Although it doesn't compare, I will ask some people I know how they like it compared to other brands.
The reason companies will choose messaging over branding is because with messaging they can reach everybody. Not everybody knows the different brands. Mostly everybody can interpret a message. If I see a brand, I think,"Yeah cool a new company." If I see a message I might consider it more deeply, and try to think about what they really mean.  

Monday, October 24, 2016

Romeo Juliet love

Romeo and Juliet had a romantic love. When the article said they killed themselves so they could be together. They weren't thinking about what was good for them they were just mad and upset about their two families wouldn't let them be together.
True, because you will think of others. When it's just romantic you think, "What can I do or say to make them want to be with me more." With true love, you will try to do things that will make them happy rather than doing things that would lead to your own pleasure.
Romeo, because he loved someone hours ago. He wasn't obsessed with Juliet like she was with him. He said he was, but if he could alternate between women quickly he was not obsessed. When he killed himself, maybe he did it because he didn't like all the controversy. Some people just can't take it and he might have been one of those people. Juliet got obsessed from the get-go. Then when something bad happened she killed herself instantly. She probably didn't think, and was just to caught up in everything else.  

Monday, October 17, 2016


How was it a political story? One of Romeo's biggest challenges was the prince getting the way. The prince threatened to execute him if he married Juliet. It's still kind of like that today. Not the executing part, but the whole point of the government. Today you have to go through the government to get legally married. Before the government could deny it just because they can. There have been laws passed to prevent that, but it still happens.
Romeo and Juliet now is just an overused phrase for people in love. It was also a tragedy. They ended up killing themselves. It was because people wouldn't leave them alone so they felt suicide was the only option. One thing I learned from that is, just because I don't agree with something I shouldn't try to change someone's mind. It would devastate me to know I was the cause for someone's suicide or suicide attempt.

Going to the theater today is a lot more different than going to the theater back then. Poor people would go to the play. Today the rich are the only people that go to the play. People would throw stuff if it was bad. Today people get on some website and write a bad review.  

Monday, October 10, 2016

Night Night time

I should go to bed at like eleven, but I don't. I go to bed at anywhere's between 12 and 2. I tell myself that I will go to bed at a decent time, then before I know it it's 1 in the morning. While I tell myself this I am staring at the T.V. listening to Sports Center for the third time that day. When I go to bed at eleven I feel great in the morning.
They said students who start school early get 5 hours of sleep rather than the nine they need. It will affect the student's behavior in class. They will sometimes fall asleep during class. That and their grades are affected because they would miss the lesson. It is also to be said that they may act out in class due to grumpiness.

Sleep can make me feel a whole lot better. When I don't feel good the best thing to do is sleep. Sleep is a really good form of medicine. It should also be taken seriously. It's kind of like an ADHD kid, if the kid doesn't get its medicine then it bounces off the walls and leads to all kinds of trouble. The article said kids who get little sleep could become obese. They explained the scientific reasoning behind it and it made sense. It said something about some chemical reaction.