Monday, April 17, 2017

Get that diploma

Health is how well your body is functioning. So what would achieving a piece of paper that you've worked  12 years for have to do to affect it? Statistics have proven people who don't get a diploma are more likely to turn to drugs, drinking, and other crimes that lead to jail. My first thought when I read that was, "Ok they went to jail, so why does it matter?" As I read on, I came to the realization that it was kind of common sense. My conclusion was when your in jail it's clearly not healthy food or all that sanitary. Obviously prisoners (some who are more likely without a diploma) would fall under bad health.

People harmful to society are just a waste of space in my opinion. They went through I high school without a care in the world and thought life was a joke. I have a few cousins like that, I hate to call someone in my family a waste of space but it's just reality. Why is it a problem? It's a problem because people who worked hard to get somewhere in life has to pay taxes to help some of these people stay alive. The people who didn't graduate high school and are unemployed because they have no skills and was lazy back then and still are blame the government. Is it hard to make a living? Yeah it is but you didn't have to make it 20 times harder on yourself. It's not the government's fault that you flunked high school and then had 5 kids who you can't support and then you turned to drugs. Now unfortunately the kids who have done nothing to deserve a hard life is suffering. It would be as much of a problem if it was just one person, but unfortunately it's a never ending negative chain reaction.

This is a bad thing for states because it makes them look bad. As it gets worse it just means more and more people will go unemployed. How can it be solved? It's one of those things states are trying to keep experimenting with and pour money into the education department. The solution is not on the state, it's parents disciplining their kids and the kids need to acquire a good work ethic. Until that happens, it'll just keep getting worse.      

Monday, March 20, 2017


According to the graph, it shows as the GPA increases so do the yearly income per person. Also, my mom has told me that it was a lot easier to get a job in a factory because of there were more jobs around. Jobs then left and the economy. Now everybody is competing for a job. The best way to get that job over someone is to have a good GPA and a further education than just high school. My mom who didn't even graduate high school was able to make a living but if I were to drop out research shows it would be almost impossible to make a living.
 Better grades were linked to the amount of money someone earns per year. According to the graph, the higher the GPA the higher the salary. It has to do with grades because grades determine your GPA. The higher the GPA the better your grades were, the lower the GPA the worse your grades were.
 The type of people who earn the most money is males. I got this off the graph. To be particular it's not just males, it's white educated males. Why that is, I don't have a really good answer. This subject is just hard to give an answer. What I mean by that is we're talking the United States job force. There is approximately 131.1 million jobs total in the US, which many are different.
My best answer is we're still a male dominated society. I don't mean any disrespect to women, but statistics are statistics. We have made progress from the past but men still make more money. Also about the race part of it, is most businesses are owned by white men who hire other white men. The equality of the US job force will never be settled. We have been trying for over the last 50 years. It's a thing that you as an individual can't control and also it's hard for the government. It's kind of like the stock market, it will take care of itself. The best advice is get a further education, because it increases your chances.    

Monday, March 13, 2017


  One reason I believe the the enrollment is up is because of how hard society makes it to get back on track after a bad decision made. At this school, they discipline you to make you a better person and the results speak for itself. The article says it teaches them the attributes to succeed in life, while working off disciplinary demerits.
    The article is about kids who get a second chance at a college. They messed up in high school but this programs going to change them. It's not easy because it's strict, demanding, and takes a lot of self-determination (grit) but it changes their life for the better.
  I think student responsibility is important because it is the key to a good life. Most people make some of their worst decisions in life when they're in high school and young. Because of this society views them different so they don't get the help they need. If people learn it from an early age, then there would be less major slip ups. Here in South Haven maybe they can reward kids for doing their work. Like everytime you turn in an assignment and get a certain percentage then get a ticket to the snack bar. I mean self-responsibility is more on the parents. I'll always believe that. The school shouldn't have to teach a kid all the life lessons. Society has that belief but in reality, school is meant for an education. If a kid doesn't know how important responsibility is, or a good work ethic is then the parent(s) failed as a parent. Some might say some kids don't have the parental guidance at home, but that's for the school to work with the kid individually not to make all suffer. What I mean by all suffer is making the whole grade learn all this, because I don't want to learn and hear about responsibility and a work ethic when I've heard that my whole life.          

Monday, March 6, 2017

Secondary School

I think it should be allowed. Because even though it's only on S.M., it's kind of their character because they will have to the things they talk about to gain a "real" reputation. Besides if they can put it out for everybody to see then who knows what they have hidden off of social media. If it's locked or whatever then usually they are bad news.

I do agree. I just really don't care about what people think of me though. I'm more focused on me than others. If I cared what people thought of me, then I wouldn't say the things that I say. The people who want to have a character don't know themselves. What I mean by that is they never know what they want, before they buy or do something they'll look left and right not because they want to see if someone is looking, but to find out what to do. For me, I have character traits, but I don't have social media because the people on there don't care about that. They care about characters which quite frankly I don't want to be like the person to my left or right. If you want to be a character, then you are spending more time looking at others, then looking at yourself in the mirror to change for the better.

I would say high school doesn't. It doesn't effect me though. It may affect others, just because they will never learn you can't have your phone on the job. I have worked on a farm, and if you're on your phone then you could get hurt. One thing I've learned is if you get into whatever your doing you forget you have a phone. For me I think society has it wrong. They think it's all on the school to raise a child. Like it's not up to the school to change a kid. When I come to school I'm not looking to take life lessons or anything like that. I'm here to graduate and play sports. If you're asking me what should raise and guide a kid, the answer is simple. My answer is Parent(s), family members, and church. That's where you learn about life and gaining character traits.      

Monday, February 27, 2017

Wow $10 dollars down to $8.90! Quite the life!

Well I have been downgraded, thank you Ms. Van Dop! Now I'm moving to this thing called an apartment. This is going to be weird because I never have lived in an apartment or any other place then the house I have now. My apartment is in Paw Paw and is called Woodfield Apartments.
It's $700 dollars a month and with a roommate, it's $350 a month.
For my cell phone, I have Straight Talk $45 bucks a month unlimited everything. For a 2005 Silverado, it gets 16 mpg and is a 5.3 L. It's about 10 miles a day counting to and from work so probably $11.66 a week and $46.64 a month. Insurance is about $5,000 and pay half of it every 6 months. The electricity is about 30 bucks divided by 2 is 15 bucks. Oil change is about $82 bucks to do it on your own. I'll say it's $252 a month for food, but in reality probably $275 because of drinks, snacks, and the fact that me and Tyler are fat. Probably I'll spend $150 on entertainment. I'll probably spend about $200 on little things.
It could be stressful because when all you think about is making that payment. Payments and money are how you have stuff. And if you can't make payments you will not have stuff. So the fact that you may lose all of your stuff should worry you.

Monday, February 20, 2017


A career that interests me is mechanics. I want to do that because my cousin is head mechanic at Signature Toyota and like 13th best mechanic in the world for Toyota. Although I prefer Chevy, it would still be a good job. I like it because I am good at breaking things and if you can fix them, it will save you a lot of money. I have always had a passion for motors and doing manual labor things since I was little. An attribute I have is I'm a little familiar with how to do some things with motors. I'm no expert by far, but I can do some little fixes since I work on a farm and had equipment breakdown and had to help fix it. That's why I want to get training and a job with it so I can become more knowledgeable about the field. One thing I've learned about me is if I'm willing to learn I can do well.
My goal to get there is to do the two years at the Vo-Tech through the school and after I graduate, find an on the site training program. In between now and when I graduate I can go over to my cousin's garage at his house who has a lift and everything to learn more things from him while learning some things from him. If I do well enough I can just get a job at Signature Toyota out of high school doing simple things like brakes and oil changes and take training from them when offered. I could just prove myself with hard work, showing up on time, and taking overtime when offered. If it doesn't work out that way I could just go to which is the Universal Technical Institute.
I could probably make anywhere's between $19-32 an hour depending on the position I am in the shop. It depends how many hours I work.      

Monday, February 13, 2017

Big Markets

The Ted Talk ties into the previous unit by talking about the hype and ways Nike gets you to buy their products. We learned about the different persuasive techniques and the one Nike uses just about all of them. It says the reason Nike is number one is because they know how to advertise.
He is talking about the people who grew up watching the second best player ever Michal Jordan and the young kids today. The best player ever is Larry Bird if you were wondering. How it gets to the kids is since the adults are already crazy about the shoes, they sort of pass on the tradition to the kids and the kids pass it on to their friends.
If I were to choose a stock market item to sell, it would be dirt bikes, quads, and off-road vehicles like side by sides. I would choose that because the parts are cheaper to buy and fix up and sell. Especially young adults and teens that don't have much money I can sell it for cheap and still make a profit. It will start slow but as I keep selling the money will be nice in no time.