Monday, June 5, 2017

Article 13

This Article is called Journey Into the Unknown. It's about how someone used to just go on trips for the fun of it. They liked doing that because there was a lot of excitement on not knowing what comes next. Then it went on to talk about how times have changed and people will spend a lot of time on Yelp and Travel Adviser. Yelp and Travel Adviser are travel websites to tell you a little about where you want to go.
The purpose is to inform people about how times have changed in planning a trip. The text structure is comparison and contrast. Three text features are bold words, pictures, and captions.

More females say that women are treated like property rather than people than males. I think that is because they don't necessarily get paid as much as men in the workforce. Another reason is that rap music demoralizes women like no other. It refers to them as the B word and all it talks about is the rapper blowing his money in front of her, taking her home to bang her, then when morning comes around just throwing her on the street to go get a new girl. Let alone the times they talk about beating on them. It's very common that rappers are arrested for domestic violence. Now if you take that as a racist comment, you clearly don't know how to read because I never mentioned anything about race. I've heard some rap and it demoralizes women. If you don't believe me on the statements I just made, just listen to some country music then listen to rap. A person that knows the values in life will say country music is a good influence on how to live life. There is some rap that the words have a positive meaning behind them (Christain Rap) but the kind society listens to, not so much. Me personally I'm not big into rap in general. Eminem, however, is an exception to the rap I like. I like Eminem's music. Eminem is a good example of demoralizing women. I like Eminem, I don't necessarily do the things he says in his music. I like him because I like to listen to him on the bus before games. I've seen kids in the hall who listen to rap, call girls the things the rappers talk about. I believe that is mainly because they listen to it and they think that's how you live life. They think it's ok to call them offensive names and unfortunately, some think it's ok to hit them as well. I wasn't raised that way, but rap can teach kids bad things if they don't have the right guidance from an elder.          

Monday, May 22, 2017

Social Media

I gave Bubby O'Brian a lolly pop moment by buying him a snack. He offered to pay me back but I said no. He was really happy and started crying. He not only cried but be got on the floor and started weeping. He was screaming for joy and told me it was like Christmas for him. I told him to calm down but he was just too happy.
Social Media can give you a better quality of life by connecting with people. Not only family and lost friends but people around the world. People who don't follow you could be friends with someone that does, then they see you through the friend list, then they could follow you and it eventually becomes a chain reaction of people becoming friends. You can advertise for your business if the social communication isn't your thing.
Shawn's passions are skateboarding and his one-year-old daughter. He started with the jewelry business by talking with moms but he wasn't happy because it wasn't his passion. My passions are off road riding, fishing, hunting, fixing motors. I just like being outdoors doing fun stuff.
The two parts of social media are advertising and being social with others through videos and posts. Videos are starting to become the most popular because you can edit it to make it more interesting.
The story of the frog is helpful because it tells you to not listen to too negative people. This is important because if they are wasting their time putting you down, they probably don't have much of a life themselves. I think it's important to point out that the frog was deaf, not blind. Why that was important is because if you see negativity you can do something to change it. If you pretend you're blind too it then that does no good. You can make someone happier that's facing negativity without letting it affect you by words, rather than facing it because you know it's there.      

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


My lollipop moment was in 7th grade. My coach told me I was going to be the captain and he believed in me. I never really had anybody tell me that before. Back then I was the kid to kind of shy off from everything. I knew I was decent at baseball and football, but I would never call myself a leader. I still really don't consider myself a leader. At that time in my life, I cared what others thought way too much. After that, I quit caring what others thought and just focussed on doing the right thing. I'm the type of person to help someone out like in the classroom or just in life. I never did it trying to be a leader, I did it because I was raised to help others in need. I never did anything to be recognized, but when my coach told me that it made me feel appreciated. I've never really told him but he knew how much it meant to me.
They mean people are too scared on what others think. They are too scared to fail. That's not the way to live life because you could miss out on some opportunities. Our baseball coach tells us just about everyday,"If you make a mistake be confident and overagressive, I will only get mad if you make an under aggressive mistake." That's true because if you are less confident, you can't pick yourself up to do better next time.
One thing I can do is buy Bubby a snack. Bubby is Riley O'Brien and I call him that because his sister calls him it and he hates it. I mess with him a lot so it'll be nice if I just bought him a snack.

Monday, May 8, 2017


A classic is well known. Believe it or not, people actually read books and like things that sell, some sell better than others. A classic book is when it has sold many copies and people have written a bunch of good reviews. Classic books are put in arguments for possibly the best book ever. Classics are when people want to reread them. In today's day and age turn it into a movie.
The cannon is an ecclesiastical code of law or judgment. The Bible is part of the cannon. The Bible tells you how to live your life through Jesus Christ. It goes through the stories of when he was crucified on the cross for our sins. It teaches you to pray and have a relationship with the Lord. If you do the things it tells you to do (especially pray for forgiveness and love for the Lord ) you will go to heaven. I never read books, but this is the one book up I'll pick up and read. I encourage you to pick it up yourself and read it because it will change your life and bring love and happiness into it. There are other books like that for other religions, but they have no value.
Books have been banned because of the use of the Lords name in vain, and it makes fun of challenged people. I don't think it should be banned because you can use it as a teaching tool. When it says the Lords name in vain, the kids can be taught why not to use his name in vain. It can help show just how wrong minded people are when it comes up in the book so the kids can see how bad they would look if they used that kind of language. I think it should be allowed because it teaches about history while teaching more. As long as the teachers have open discussions about some of the language to help the kids get a better understanding of why not to talk and think like that.    

Monday, May 1, 2017

Spoon Full of Dust

Pneumonia is a medical condition you get when you inhale to much dust. If you got it life got real difficult. People with it didn't eat food, they coughed, and it was hard for them to breath. Because the medical field wasn't as advanced, it really didn't get treated so many died.
People would rub vaseline on their nose's and make chest plasters. The home remedies helped, but so many people had to do it because a hospital was so hard to get into. They had to build hospitals but it was hard getting people who needed treatment there, because there were so many and traveling was really dangerous in that weather. What caused all the problems was over farming and just the dry weather with no rain. I'm would have been a drought either way but the overfarming caused the extra problems.
If I had to pack up, I would take my clothes and a few valuables. The hardest part of leaving is leaving the place I grew up and worked my life at. Changing houses won't be so bad but the land is where my income is. Going to a new place with no land for income is going to be hard because we don't know if we'll get our land back out West. Most of all it's going to hurt financially.

Monday, April 24, 2017


This PSA, which was about texting and driving was really useful. It was mainly directed at teens because they fail to care and understand the real effect behind it all. They have their head in the clouds because they have a vehicle and don't have to pay for anything so the well being of others is way out of the picture. They get in a crash and the way they think changes. Unfortunately for some, they didn't get the wake up call before it was too late. From 1975 to now the percentage has gone down. The problem is even on a good year, the lowest percentage is 65%.
That's more than half which is sad. I wish it could be 0% but a more reasonable number for me would be 30-45%. When you look at the graph, it's clear the PSA's have played a huge factor. The most effective thing for me is in the one in class is when it showed all the people dying. For as long as I can remember, I was always less mad if I just caused harm to myself but if I caused harm to others I took it a lot harder and made me feel worse knowing that I was the one that caused it. No matter the person, there's someone out there who loves them so if you make a bad decision and get them killed not only do you go the rest of your life knowing you were the one that caused it, but you have to give someone else the hurt of not having their loved one in the world.

The tobacco commercial (PSA) when the girl is reading that parchment is used to make kids stop using tobacco. That 's effective because it shows how your so addicted to tobacco that you can't make your decisions without having to stop and take a smoke break. For me I don't need this to make me not smoke, I've smelled the smoke and I just can't stand the smell. The nice thing about the tobacco commercials is they just didn't stop there, they made multiple ones to be sure to get the point across. I think they are working because less and less teens smoke.    

Monday, April 17, 2017

Get that diploma

Health is how well your body is functioning. So what would achieving a piece of paper that you've worked  12 years for have to do to affect it? Statistics have proven people who don't get a diploma are more likely to turn to drugs, drinking, and other crimes that lead to jail. My first thought when I read that was, "Ok they went to jail, so why does it matter?" As I read on, I came to the realization that it was kind of common sense. My conclusion was when your in jail it's clearly not healthy food or all that sanitary. Obviously prisoners (some who are more likely without a diploma) would fall under bad health.

People harmful to society are just a waste of space in my opinion. They went through I high school without a care in the world and thought life was a joke. I have a few cousins like that, I hate to call someone in my family a waste of space but it's just reality. Why is it a problem? It's a problem because people who worked hard to get somewhere in life has to pay taxes to help some of these people stay alive. The people who didn't graduate high school and are unemployed because they have no skills and was lazy back then and still are blame the government. Is it hard to make a living? Yeah it is but you didn't have to make it 20 times harder on yourself. It's not the government's fault that you flunked high school and then had 5 kids who you can't support and then you turned to drugs. Now unfortunately the kids who have done nothing to deserve a hard life is suffering. It would be as much of a problem if it was just one person, but unfortunately it's a never ending negative chain reaction.

This is a bad thing for states because it makes them look bad. As it gets worse it just means more and more people will go unemployed. How can it be solved? It's one of those things states are trying to keep experimenting with and pour money into the education department. The solution is not on the state, it's parents disciplining their kids and the kids need to acquire a good work ethic. Until that happens, it'll just keep getting worse.